Cardinal Reinhard Marx has announced plans to allow laypeople in his Archdiocese of Munich to lead parishes where there are no priests.

In doing so he has strongly rejected the increasingly common option of coping with the dwindling number of ordained ministers by combining or “clustering” parishes.

The 63-year-old cardinal is a top aide and advisor to Pope Francis.

Open hands

Chris McDonnell May 12th 2017

Sometimes people you have never met face to face have an influence in your life that is hard to measure.

It might be a family member, maybe a great Grandma, who died before you were born but whose name and life has run bright as oral DNA through the thread of your family tree, always talked about, respected and held in high regard, especially as an example to young ones. Their influence pervades our lives even though our times are very different. Pointers and patterns remain.

Chris McDonnell CT Friday April 28th 2017

Words are funny things. We all use them, with varying degrees of success, to communicate with each other. Sometimes when we use them in a careless or slipshod manner, their meaning becomes confused and misunderstandings easily occur.

One such word is ‘critical’.

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Leadership/Coordinators and AGM (NB CHANGE OF VENUE)

As we celebrated the entry of the Lord into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the week before Easter, a Coptic Church in the Nile Delta in Egypt was bombed and many killed. They left their homes to attend church, to begin the days of Holy Week leading to the Triduum. Those that did return home had experienced the shock of an indiscriminate terrorist attack that took the lives of their friends that Sunday morning. This, and a further attack later in Alexandria , was claimed by ISIS as their work, their way of spreading fear and uncertainty in a troubled world.