So the days of the Conclave are upon us. By this time next week, we would expect a decision to have been made and one of the men who entered the Conclave will not be going home. His black cassock and red accoutrements will have been exchanged for white and the name by which he has been known will be a matter of history. I must apologise, for in last week’s blog I mentioned Pope Emeritus Benedict arriving at Castel Gandolfo  by Lake Albino. It should have course been Lake Albano. Maybe it was the arrival of a white cassock that led to the lake name change.

Transparency is now a demand in every area of social interaction and consequently will also be an expectation within the church. Moreover, so long as transparency is expected, any lack of transparency in the church will result in a lack of credibility.

icon The Credibility of the Catholic Church as Public Actor

The Liverpool/Lancaster ACTA group offer this as a contribution for discussion by other groups.  It was felt that the core group and other groups might wish to discuss this and refine it, correct it, amplify it, etc

icon Selection Criteria for Bishops

This week has seen the inauguration of a Year of Faith throughout the world.  This is part of the marking of the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. It has prompted me to ask myself, ’What does the term mean to me today?’  I imagine I may not be alone in this.  One of the problems is that faith is what has been called an ‘umbrella word.’  If we begin by thinking of all the contexts in which the word is used we are presented with a rainbow effect. As a first attempt I would mention; keep the faith’ ‘faith of our fathers’ faith as gift’  ‘faith seeking understanding’ ‘growing in faith’ ‘losing the faith’ ‘orthodox faith’ ‘the content of faith’  ‘the deposit of faith’ , ‘living the faith’ and ‘the faith community’.