Jean RiiordonBorn in Wales in 1947 to a Jewish convert Dad & a Welsh Catholic Mum, I was raised with four brothers in Staffordshire. I married Frank from Cork in 1967 and had four children between 1969 and 1980. During this time I also gained a BA and MA in Latin at Birmingham University. My various roles include Chair of Playgroup, Catholic Comprehensive PTA committee, Catholic Area Education Committee, elected to the Diocesan Schools Commission. I was Foundation Governor at both St Thomas Aquinas School(Vice-chair)and St Judes Primary School and a Local Authority ESL teacher for Asian women. A part-time student Birmingham Conservatoire, I gained my PGCE from Newman College and taught full-time as a primary school teacher till 1997. I was a Teacher Fellow in Science at Newman for a short time. I volunteered as a part-time music teacher in an inner-city school and I am involved in many  musical activities. The imposition of the new translation of the Mass - without inclusive language or ecumenical texts or dynamic equivalence or collegial consultation, made me decide I must do more to help bring about change in our Church. I have an interest in theology and was inspired by the Portsmouth Seven's letter in the Tablet to attend the Heythrop meeting in 2012. I am grateful for the opportunity  to promote the Call to Action in Birmingham Diocese and further afield.