PRESS RELEASE  icon Pope Francis call for dialogue

on behalf of ACTA - A Call To Action


The comments of Pope Francis, made in the interview reported this week in sixteen Jesuit journals around the world, are indeed welcome. He has addressed significant issues facing the Christian Church with a degree of pastoral sympathy that is caring in tone and honest in approach.

The Church is a people in Communion, listening to one another, responding to one another and to the good Lord for that is surely what Pope Francis is doing, and is asking us to do.

The formation of a Call to Action, ACTA, following the Heythrop gathering last October had no other purpose than to foster such a dialogue at both Parish and Diocesan levels here in our country in support of the continuing mission of the Church.

The whole tone and content of the Pope's interview gives great hope to movements like ours as we continue the journey.

Released by Chris McDonnell Press Relations Officer ACTA

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