Marian ShortMy name is Marian Short and I belong to the Vocation Sisters, a small group founded in 1945 for the discernment of vocations.  The ministries to which I have been called have varied over the past 50 years. These include vocation ministry, social work, individual and group counselling, parish director, staff member of  a seminary with responsibility for human development, vicar for religious for Kent  I have also been in various administrative posts in my congregation.  I have a particular interest in womens’ role in the Church. In 1967, when I was a young religious, I had the opportunity to study at Corpus Christi Catechetical Centre, it was in its second year and everyone was filled with the hope and promise of Vatican2. We had some wonderful lecturers and the openness and spirit of Vatican 2 had certainly flowed into the college. I have been blessed with colleagues and friends who have shared the vision of a church which ’ promotes mutual esteem, reverence and harmony, allowing for every legitimate difference, so that we can begin a dialogue among the People of God, pastors and faithful, which may become steadily more fruitful.’Gaudium et Spes . I am grateful to ‘ A Call To Action’ for this opportunity for us to work together for the fulfilment of this vision.