ACTA Gathering for Shrewsbury Diocese 28th November 2015


Pope Francis called for consultation in preparation for the Synod of 2015. A parish group in Wolverhampton decided they wanted to do their own survey to find out what local people thought about Marriage and the family. Their plan was to ask parents waiting at the school gate about what they would say to the Bishops if they had the chance. They wanted it to take 5 minutes to complete and be much simpler and more direct than the questions from the Lineamenta, from the Bishops' Conference and even shorter than our ACTA questionnaire. I helped them put it into Google Docs and collated the results for them. Another 2 or 3 parishes in different parts of the Birmingham Diocese had a go at their questionnaire. Hardly anyone involved was an ACTA member. The graphs are followed by the optional extra  comments offered by participants. This non-ACTA survey correlates extraordinarily closely with the results of our ACTA survey and with results found all over Europe and beyond. 

more information from Jean Riordan -

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