The major resource here is the picture book in PDF of one of Lobinger's handbooks - I'd recommend you start with the introduction to that. The other files are ones that I've collected for my own interest led by the International Network of Priest's Associations and Reform Groups. The Orobator review is because there's a great book edited by this Jesuit called 'The Church We Want' - a collection of African theologians writing about Vatican ll.  Around p200 there's interesting references to Lobinger - and throughout the book the various proposals for the future of the church are really relevant and useful. All the files above have extra references that you might want to follow up. The National Catholic Reporter website has a couple more articles if you put Lobinger into the search on the front page. See the Tablet archive too.

Internationally famous theologian Werner Jeanrond is coming to Birmingham to speak to ACTA on November 11th. He's giving us a whole day of his valuable time.

I am relieved that I don’t have to try to summarise the content of our National Conference as the speeches are available to view on the website – well worth listening to if you were at the Conference as there were so many gems in the rich veins of theology, Pastoral Ministry, Church history and human stories which threaded through the day it was impossible to allow everything to sink in. Hopefully that will also encourage those who weren’t present to watch the speeches.

ACTA [ A Call to Action] was established five years ago and the Leadership Team has compiled a report which will be presented to each of the Bishops of England and Wales in the next few weeks.
As a courtesy to the Bishops we would ask for press coverage to meet the embargo - Not before Wednesday 1st November 2017
It identifies the work the organisation has undertaken both nationally and at diocesan level. It demonstrates how, as an organisation, it has supported the work of the Synods and continues to act as a forum for respectful dialogue between laity, religious and clergy.
Download >>> ACTA 5 Year Report