Members will be interested and pleased to know that Archbishop Bernard Longley of the Birmingham Archdiocese kindly agreed to meet the national Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of ACTA last Saturday. The Archbishop was accompanied by the Vicar-General Mgr Timothy Menezes.


The meeting was an opportunity to listen to each other and to note how many common concerns we shared about the wellbeing of our church – local, national and universal. We expressed our willingness to collaborate in enriching the life of the church. There was a friendly, supportive atmosphere, in which it was possible to speak frankly and freely, and so to learn and reflect. It was the sort of dialogue which ACTA hopes to be able to open with all our Bishops in England and Wales.

Archbishop Longley added: “Since much of my work within the Bishops’ Conference Department of Dialogue and Unity involves dialogue with members of other Christian communities and other faiths, it is also important to be open to constructive dialogue within the Catholic Church herself, to reflect on issues which concern all committed Catholics.”

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