Dom Raphael Aspinwall, Belmont Abbey joined in a discussion on the Googlegroup regarding the drought of contemporary mass settings for the new translation of the mass. Dom Raphael, has kindly provided for the use of ACTA members two of his newly composed mass settings, John Kemble and Thomas Hereford. Dom Raphael writes: Here are two Masses I wrote fairly recently specifically for parish use, not monastic. My idea was to write something like an extended hymn with a practical range and an organ part no more demanding than a standard hymn. I intended for the congregation - not divided antiphonally between cantors and people - to be sung straight through - democratically! Do feel free to copy them if you are moved to give them an airing.

Mass of St John Kemble
Choir & Congregation: Mass of St John Kemble (congregation or unison choir) (80.08 KB)
Mass of St Thomas Hereford