The opening address of the  members’ Liverpool Archdiocese Synod meeting by Fr Eamonn Mulcahy. Above on YouTube the first session at Chorley.


I was privileged to be at both of the subsequent two sessions this Wednesday and Saturday, and can confirm the inspiration remained undimmed! Archbishop Malcolm came to the Saturday event, participating at a round table discussion with random members of the diocese in a crowded Christ the King Church Hall.

I don’t know whether it could go on the ACTA website? But perhaps it should be distributed to at least the ACTA Liverpool and Lancaster group as a start?

As Fr Eamonn says convincingly and engagingly- we seem to be en Camino, en marche, en route, on the way.. actively and compassionately listening to each other- or as Pope Francis calls it ‘ the apostolate of the ear’!

All will be very well


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