Our Scripture scholar, Prof. Dr Joseph O'Hanlon is having a well-earned rest this August, just for weeks 19 and 20, resuming his commentaries on the 21st Sunday. This is an opportune moment to express our deep appreciation of the blessing we are given, when one of our priest members not only works for ACTA on the National Leadership Team but also gives us this amazing gift - sharing his insights into the scriptures that he's amassed from decades of world-class scholarship that began at the Biblicum in Rome in the '60's. Joseph had been in ACTA for years in Kent, where he was the Director of the International Franciscan Study Centre . He phoned me before the  National conference in Birmingham to say how sorry he was to miss the conference. Following our conversation I read all his books - my special favourites are The Jesus who was The Jesus who is. and Mark my Words - and I was hugely impressed. I approached Joseph to see if he'd consider writing a few essays on scripture for the ACTA website, with no idea that he would extend the task with such energy and on such a scale - it's the full 3 year cycle he's aiming at. All of us in ACTA owe Joseph a huge debt of gratitude for his profound contribution to our spiritual life. Thank you, Joseph! 
Jean Riordan.

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