The year of celebrating our scriptures has started – if you haven’t heard the phrase The God Who Speaks yet, do have a look at this link to the Bishops’ conference information:

or look at your own diocese’s website.

ACTA members are involved in all sorts of ways around England and Wales. To mention three prominent ACTA-vists:  in the Birmingham Archdiocese, the Chair of the diocesan organising committee is our own theologian David McLoughlin, and from the Nottingham Diocese our ACTA Scripture consultant Prof. Joseph O’Hanlon,  from the Nottingham Diocese, is part of the national steering group. ACTA member Fleur Dorrell from the Arundel and Brighton diocese works for the Bible Society, and she is the national leader of the whole The God Who Speaks project.

Please report to our web-manager Alex Walker any The God Who Speaks (TGWS) activities that are happening in your own parish or diocese. We can help maximise publicity for this wonderful opportunity we are being offered to deepen our understanding of scripture.