Great news! The Trustees are happy to announce:

A Call To Action (ACTA), our charitable PayPal status has been confirmed.

This means we get a reduced rate of 1.4% + 20p on online transactions.  (The fees we were paying before charity account approval were 2.9% + £0.30)

As a confirmed charity, we have now qualified for the PayPal Giving Fund. This public charity and donor-advised fund can accept donations recommended for your charity from 100+ million donors on PayPal, GoFundMe, eBay, and more. PayPal Giving Fund typically then grants the recommended donations to your charity through payments to your PayPal account. 

Best of all, PayPal Giving Fund charges no fees. (Some of PayPal Giving Fund's ecommerce partners may charge fees to donors, which they will disclose on their websites).

So rest assured whenever you donate to ACTA you are increasing the amount you give because of the reduced charity rates. If you are able to give using Gift Aid, we will receive even more money as a result. 

Our PayPal email address for donations is

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