At long last on Radio RTE 14 March 20th Fr Brian Darcy spoke about the importance of prayer at this time, during the week the same radio station kept asking listeners to wash their hands at this time and during the programme someone said “we believe prayer changes things that we can’t." 

In the midst of panic and toilet rolls, we do not have to do any more then say the “Lord's prayer”. We don’t need to go to church. We can pray wherever we are. And let's see what happens.

In Isaiah 65 v1 the Lord said “I was ready to answer my people's prayers but they did not pray, I was ready for them to find me, but they didn't even try. The nation did not pray to me, even though I was always ready to answer. Here I am. I will help you."

Scripture tells us that with God everything is possible, and he can bring good out of all situations, even out of a virus. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My husband has been in Palliative Care for the last 3 years at home and the Lord has given us peace and joy through it all. Proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Betty & Paddy Mitchell, Birmingham 15/3/2020