I am an American and believe we need to join our hands in worldwide unity to address these commonly held beliefs and dissatisfactions with our Church. I feel it all the more profoundly because there is so much silence and passivity over here in among progressives the USA. So many of us are torn about standing up and speaking out against the corrupt regime in the Vatican. Francis needs our support!

Gerru Moore

being in an "irregular " marriage I felt in need of support from fellow Catholics. I also felt dismayed at the failure of the church to take note of the second Vatican council. In particular ,the church remains top-down and ignores , even discourages lay input. I have found support ,comfort and faith within ACTA.

Gavin Young, Lancaster

I felt that it no longer showed the face of Jesus to its people. We became over ritualised and people were not treated as the children of God ACTA has given me hope and helped me to see that there are so many other like minded people around me.

Emily Fenech Southwark

I support ACTA because I want to be part of helping to transform the Catholic Church into a Church that I can be truly proud to be a member. I want our Church to welcome, value and empower all its members regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation and marital status. It seems that for so long we have accepted that some people matter more than others, have more rights than others, should control others and all this in the sight of God. Pope Francis is beginning to make a difference and with ACTA I want to be influential in that process.

Louise, Stockport

Really hoping we can help to make Catholic Church relevant to our world today. Reducing pomp and ceremony and flattening our hierarchal structure.

Love the idea of inverting the triangle i.e. the people being The Church and the clergy serving the people and being more accountable and less autocratic.

Getting back to basics as Jesus did 2000 years ago and being less concerned with rules, regulations, mode of dress, titles etc.

Giving women more of a voice in decision making.

Marie, Greasby