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Catholic Times words by Chris McDonnell


JANUARY 29 An open door New!
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Parish life has been disrupted over recent months. How we pick up the pieces and what we rebuild with them is a question we cannot avoid. So I return to the theme of a few weeks ago without apology –parish life. A time to reconsider the issues.

JANUARY 22 The time of reckoning
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So here it is – January 20 - Inauguration Day and a goodbye to the White House Crow who has dominated the news for four long years. This week’s words, written a few days back reflect the mood following the riots on Capitol Hill. Let’s hope and pray for a peaceful day to begin the healing of the United States of America.

JANUARY 08 show yourself to me Lord
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This week’s words talk of the Epiphany, all part of the story of revelation.

JANUARY 01 This Christmas Season
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Greetings for a new year…with 2020 vision behind us, hopefully the coming months will prove to be a significant improvement.