ID Title Author Publisher / Date Web Link Recommended by Comment
469 The Revolutionof Tenderness- Being a Catholic in today’s Church Raymond Friel Redemptorist Publications 2016 Gavin Young Raymond Friel is a schoolteacher. I loved this book. It calls us to return to Christ’s gospel message . Examples are given of( mainly) lay people in UK and Philippines showing how they live the Gospel. A very heartening book full of hope and tenderness epitomised by the Cranach painting “Christ and the Adulteress” at the back. Good suggestions of further reading including much from Pope Francis.
467 Saturday Morning Early - Catching God in the Act of Creation Farrel, Val T Snape & Co Ltd 2017 Alex Walker Fr Val has never been a priest who has kept the Lord safely confined to his Tabernacle. He has always brought Him out, challenged himself and more importantly challenged us. The status quo has never been an option. "And here's a question for sure: if God came among us, blind and needing is to show him to his place, would we really feel like involving him in our daily goings-on? Or would we rather keep him where he belongs, in church, especially a more traditional one where we could expect him to look after himself? The very idea!' p.61 In his book, Saturday Morning Early, Fr Val, makes sure we involve him in our daily goings-on and this is a fitting testimony to his priestly ministry. Well worth dipping into.
466 Christianity in Evolution Jack Mahoney Georgetown University Press, 2011 Martin Higgins Aims to face the theological implications of evolution. Offers a challenge to the traditional interpretation of church dogmas, especially those to do with original sin, the image of God, and God's purpose in Creation and the Incarnation.
465 The Exercise of the Primacy Ed. Zagano and Tilley Crossroad 1998 Kevin Dean Archbishop Quinn's reply to John Paul II's request for help in the practice of the Primacy. Very practical. Plus 6 essays by theologians. 124 pages. Spells out how collegiality/dialogue might get under way.
464 Living Eucharistically Regan, F CCV Peter Farrell Frank Regan is an ACTA member and former Columban Missionary.He also wrote 35 The Lay Vision and Experience of Jesus, and 57 Sent For the Life of the World. Available ?2 each Catholics For a Changing Church, 1 Carysfort House , 14 W Halkin St.,London SW1X 8JS\n
463 The Death of Clericalism Wilson, G Vision Publishing (Ramona) 2007 John McLorinan "Fantastic!"
462 The Bishop of Rome Tillard , J M R S P C K 1983 John McLorinan
461 Making the Church Our Own Swindler, L Rowman and Littlefield 2007/8 John McLorinan
460 Various writings Sullivan J John McLorinan
459 Mission of the Church Schillebeecks, E Crossroad Publishing Company 1973 John McLorinan Another of the original greats from the Council era....most of his many titles would shed light on Jesus, the Church, the Sacraments.....
458 Still Interpreting Vatican Two Rush, O Paulist Press 2004 John McLorinan
457 What Is The Point of Being a Christian? Ratcliffe, T Burns & Oates / Continuum 2005 John McLorinan
456 Many various titles Rahner, K John McLorinan Another 'big name' from Vatican Two but do not feel obliged to wade through all the volumes of his Theological Investigations!"
455 Vatican Two: Did Anything Happen? O'Malley, J Continuum 2007 John McLorinan
454 Documents of the Second Vatican Council Okonkwo B Tower Books John McLorinan
453 A New Vision For the Catholic Church O'Hanlon, G Columba Press 2011 John McLorinan
452 Believing Bishops Lee & Stanford Faber and Faber London 1990 John McLorinan Throws light on the present selection of bishops.
451 Electing Our Bishops O'Callaghan Rowman and Littlefield 2007 John McLorinan Prof Sullivan :"..on how the Catholic Church should choose its leaders" I am indebted to Prof Sullivan for his help in assembling this list.
450 Paul - His Story Murphy-O'Connor J O U P 2004 John McLorinan
449 Reaping the Harvest Mulligan, Corkery & O'Hanlon Columba Press 2012 John McLorinan