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Formation for Mission
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Formation for mission – Gaudete et Exsultate – making it real in dark times

Caring For Creation
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What are the Issues?

How can we get involved ?


Forming Intentional disciples
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Extracts from the informative and thought-provoking day led by Stephen Hoyland, Ignatian outreach worker

26 oct conference registration
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Selection of quotations from talk given by Stephen Hoyland, Ignatian Outreach Wroker, based on Shelley Weddell's book, Forming Intentional Disciples.

John's inspirational talk revealed some surprising - and alarming - features of the church today, explaining how a relationship with God is not a significant feature of their faith for many Catholics. If we are to reverse the decline in numbers and influence which is a mark of thechurch in the western world,  this relationship must be rekindled if any reforms or pastoral programmes are to succeed.