Download: A New Lectionary - Tom O'Loughlin

A New Lectionary: is it a matter of picking a version? By Thomas O’Loughlin Introduction The Tablet recently reported that the Australian bishops are now – like so many other English-language episcopal conferences – thinking about a new translation of the scriptures for use in the liturgy. This is a process that is commonly, but inaccurately, referred to as having ‘a new lectionary.’ In this debate there will be shouts from many sides in this form: ‘I am for Jerusalem Bible!’ I am for English Standard Version!’ ‘I am for formal equivalence!’ or ‘I am for inclusive language!’ It is all reminiscent of Corinth in the mid-first century CE and disputes about the baptism of Paul and that of Apollos. But is there a more basic question to answer? The debate about ‘which version’ – for all its validity – distracts everyone (bishops included) from recognising many other real problems that reading the scriptures in a lectionary poses. With all the focus on ‘which translation,’ we are missing the bigger issue. Do we need more than one translation?