The day thou gavest, Lord, is nowhere near ended, though it has been travelling steadily onwards since that first grey moment when you gave it leave.


It has already acquired a name and number and in its own good time will take its place in that mysterious world we call the past. Filed away in its proper place it will await the scrutiny of visitors from other days and may well contribute to what these visitors call history. But all that is in the future, for the day thou gavest, Lord, is still ours for the shaping.
Some will come to know it by different names; names that record what this particular day meant to them. A birthday, an anniversary, some sporting triumph, the coming of a time of peace, a financial disaster, these, or others, will ensure that this day, the one thou gavest, Lord, just a few short hours ago, will be marked forever, not simply as one among so many, but destined to wear forever a fame it did not seek and for which it was not designed.

"Ours for the shaping", Lord, this day thou gavest, so grant us too, O Generous Giver of all good gifts, the wit and wisdom to shape well this day thou gavest.   
Valentine Farrell