The major resource here is the picture book in PDF of one of Lobinger's handbooks - I'd recommend you start with the introduction to that. The other files are ones that I've collected for my own interest led by the International Network of Priest's Associations and Reform Groups. The Orobator review is because there's a great book edited by this Jesuit called 'The Church We Want' - a collection of African theologians writing about Vatican ll.  Around p200 there's interesting references to Lobinger - and throughout the book the various proposals for the future of the church are really relevant and useful. All the files above have extra references that you might want to follow up. The National Catholic Reporter website has a couple more articles if you put Lobinger into the search on the front page. See the Tablet archive too.


The main recommendation I have is for the book David McLoughlin uses teaching in Newman University called The Church with a Human Faceby Edward Schillebeecks, which led me to Thomas O'Loughlin's book Eucharist -  enormously useful in thinking freshly about both Eucharist and Priesthood. Tom is ACTA's Theological Consultant - as well as current President of the Catholic Theological Association.   Having read books like that, when you go into Lobinger's Like His Brothers and Sisters - everything falls into place! It all seems such an obviously sensible solution to some of the current and future problems we have in our church. Lobinger's sensitivity to how and why his proposals will be opposed, and how to implement them nevertheless,  is practical and magnanimous. 

I'm sure there must be other ways of thinking about these issues- I'm only sharing my own rather randomly discovered pathway of reading. As you might know, I'm not a theologian.  I'd be delighted to hear of alternative/better ideas. 

Tony Flannery didn't leave a text. Tony got me involved with the International Network and it was through them that I first heard of Bishop Lobinger.

I hope lots of you will experience the enrichment I found in this line of study - and will feel you want to share it widely! Thank you for your interest.

Jean Riordan

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