Trustees Welcome New Groups 

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on so much of the Church’s  activity in the last eighteen months. The Sunday Obligation suspended, limits  at weddings and funerals, social distancing in church. The regularity of Mass  attendance and face-to-face meetings were lost.

The Board of Trustees reviewed the situation in the last few months, with a  view to understanding what dioceses had experienced and what support  might be required going forward. It was clear that some dioceses had  managed to continue to meet online. In some cases, members were more  able to participate because the meetings were online. 

In the last few months, we are pleased to announce that some diocesan  groups, that had fallen quiet during the pandemic, were active once more. 

In Brentwood diocese, Maidi Brown has agreed to coordinate a group who  met for the first time a few weeks ago. If you live in Brentwood Diocese and  would like to know more of what ACTA is doing contact her on: 

In the diocese of East Anglia, Martin Pakes has started to draw together a  group who met for the first time in early September. If you live in the Diocese of East Anglia and would like to know more of what ACTA is doing contact  him on: 

The diocesan group in Shrewsbury diocese has not been meeting regularly.  Dr Zosia Archibald has offered to coordinate a group of people who want to  know more of the work of ACTA in the area. If you want to become involved  or to receive information about ACTA’s activity in the diocese of Shrewsbury,  contact her on: